Belong by Owning your Equal Share With Us. This site is equally owned by groups which are equally owned by their members.


ComComIzed means: Turned into a common company in this licensed ownership over the company’s assets. This license guarantees equal, moderated and trade-able shareholding in unchangeable license, as in open coding.  The mobility and equality is kept in multiple layers, making the bigger unit stable even in restructuring of its smaller units, while some inequality still can be contained: between groups, by the factor d, and/or in different contracting and/or salaries. Altogether, making the group and the member live in a new healthier balance.

The groups in, when are ComComized, can have their sub-domain (see on the right side). Welcome and join us as you are, we begin as a consultancy for well produced bottom up media in liquid union channels in Europe, which  operates on this mailing list, while we are formed in this structuring.

Why is this site comcomized? To increase the collective value of mutual trust in your networks (your social capital) without the (so corruptible) position of winner take all.

For just being human – as not treating the other as objects, here nobody has a price. We are taking this constitutional approach against breaking equality and/or taken over, while we are free to earn and move in our struggle against constantly increasing volume of changes in laws and regulations (and their agents) benefiting only the big ones monopolizing the narratives and politics of privileges, the who and the what-could-be, the dealers and the deals, of real-estate/raw-material, weapon/security, media/market, and money/debt.

Altogether we learned from the “grassroots movement” history in the case of the site, which was used for the obama campaign against stupid iraq war. His site had 13m activist users, which were denied after he won, changed the  name, manager and goal of the site and then went to his afghanistan war.  See also this and this.

The comcomist

The Term and Conditions of Holding Shares in Common Company (ComCom)

Pdf and Translations

Preamble: This license of ownership is designed to protect against takeover and for building small units holding bigger ones in a recursive manner and while keeping mobility and mutuality of their owners. Specifically designed against big monopolizing players or pretenders only temporally/partly fulfilling the cause of such units. It is implemented by each buyer or seller, which must care for the terms of this license, where the minimum damage for any owner’s units is reflected by the value of the share of the unit.

A Common company (ComCom) ownership agreement is an agreement of ownership between the company’s owners. The agreement, or the qualified majority required to change it, is unchangeable. The ownership over any part of the ComCom, including any of its asset, can be transferred between its owners only under this license:

  • Each owner is either an ordinary owner or a peer owner being equal to another peer owner and may only be human or a ComCom;
  • Through all holding layers, only a single holding position per owner is allowed;
  • The ComCom has the first right to buy any ownership over itself and each of its owners must match its criteria;
  • Per each ComCom, all the peers together equally hold (d) times 100 percent of the ComCom, such that (v) reflects (m),
    • as (d) times (m) equals (c) times (v) or
    • as (d) times (i) equals (c) times (n)
    • where
      • (d) represents its decentralization, as 0<=(d)<=<=1,
      • (n) is the number of shares per each of its peer owner, as (d)<=(n)<=1,
      • (c) is the number of it peer owners, which is to be independently decided in qualified majority by them,
      • (i) is number of its issued shares, being also the number of its individual owners – the owners through all layers of owning it,
      • (m) is its estimated “market” value,
      • (v) is the ownership value of each of its peers;
    • where the range of changes in (v) is proportional to number of peers, such that steepness=(nextV-v)*(c/v) , where |steepness|<= peer-proportionality being a constant number (default=1);
  • The form of decision in each ComCom must be transparent to its owners and includes:
    • the peer’s ratio threshold for (the peers’ Independent-ComCom-authority made in qualified majority) deciding about any policy in regard to both: the number of peers and the number of shares held by each peer
    • the medium – how do the owners meet and
    • the advance notification – the time and information to be given in advance;
  • The type of the ComCom can only once in its creation be decided, either as having its (d) constant or changeable and either being open or sealed (allowing no more owners over it), where
    • all the individual owners of the ComCom through all layers, are its members (as the number of ComCom’s members’  equals the number of shares),
    • if the ComCom is sealed or its (d) is changeable, then
      • each member must first become ComCom’s peer and can always return to that position and
      • the number of shares held by one peer is to be independently decided in qualified majority by the peers.